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Why You Need A Custom Challenge Coins


Coins that embody particular organization's sign or emblem is called the challenge coin.  Every organization has a unique a customized challenge coins for their members. 


Members are required to carry these police coins wherever they go so that they can identify with others well.  They need to prove their membership when there is a need.  And this is a common thing with most military servicepersons.  In fact, military coined the idea of carrying challenge coins for identification purposes. 


Many stories are associated with the introduction of the challenge coins.  One of the most popular and credible stories behind the introduction of challenge coins and that is widely believed is the fact that these items were first seen with the United States Army Air force Service during the World War 1. 


It is said each member of the American Squadron was required to carry a bronze medallion.  Especially when on a mission.  Now, it happened that while in German captivity, an American flying squadron escaped successfully but was recaptured by the French forces.  Following the orders from the chief in charge of the force, they almost killed the American not knowing that he was a friend. 


Fortunately, one of the personnel recognized the bronze medallion that the American personnel had they were able to spare his life instead.  From that time, it became a rule of the thumb that each member must carry a customized police challenge coin whenever they are on a mission. 


The tradition has been cemented by the fact that members challenge each other by asking them to show their challenge coin - and they can't, they would have to pay the price.  In most cases, it can be buying a drink of choice by the member who won the challenge. 


Today, a lot of organizations have made use of these challenge coins in various ways.  These groups customize their coins to diversify their identity.  Be sure to check ou t this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sobriety_coin and know more about AA coins.


You see, every organization out there uniquely designs their challenge coins to ensure that they reflect the organization's logo or motto.  Such unique features must be engraved in it.  The features that are engraved onto it are meant to cause team spirit, unity and amity among the members that carry the same. 


And the creative custom designers are available these days, you can't miss locating the best one that you need out there.  Your designer will ensure that you get such a perfect, eye-catching and extraordinary challenge coin that you need. 


Custom challenge coins are ideal for military troops, scout troops, sports teams, the church organizations, fraternal organizations, business associations, charities and ROTC units.  In addition to that, there are also collectible military challenge coins for various units, memorial, unit challenge as well as the commander's coin. 


The military challenge coins make use of the coins to represent their establishment.  The custom challenge coins also encourage the team's spirit, respect, pride, loyalty, and solidarity.